The Premise

The premise is simple enough. You control Santa in his sleigh in a pixel art arcade-style game that by a total coincidence and not at all an intentional rip off could be liked to Flappy Bird (in appearance, not mechanics).

Santa has had a bad night. His sack got ripped and presents went spilling out everywhere, and then he lost almost all of his reindeer. Your job is to steer him through the rooftops of a generic suburban town, find his lost reindeer, and recover as many presents as you can.

The Controls

Quite simply, you press up and down to move up and down (you can also use W and S or a game controller). The more reindeer you recover, the faster your sleigh will go, but also the more points you will get for clearing chimneys. Santa's sleigh can clip chimneys (the homeowners might not be too happy about it!) but if a reindeer hits anything, it's game over.

If you're playing the Windows version, you can hit escape at any time to close the game. Your high score will be automatically saved when you die.

The Back Story

I make game dev videos on YouTube and for a bit of festive fun at the end of the trash pile that was 2020, I thought it might be nice to live stream the making of a little fun game. About 5 hours combined hours of streaming later, this is the result. If you're interested in the streams themselves, you can find the videos below.

Making the Game Stream Part One

Making the Game Stream Part Two


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What is the point of raindeers? Why cant i get extra lifes from them?

The reindeers make the sleigh go faster and harder to manoeuvre but also increase the number of points you get.