V1.1 - Bug Fixes and Tweaks

Some minor tweaks and bug fixes;


  • Little popup score notifications whenever you... score.


  • Presents now worth different amount of points depending on which you get.
  • Present points now also multiplied by number of reindeer pulling sleigh.
  • Presents spawn less frequently to compensate for OP score.
  • Present frequency weighted so that higher score presents appear less often.
  • Moved score to centre of screen and made it thicc.
  • Made score display the current high score when on ready screen.
  • Made wind sound play on ready screen.
  • Messed with ready screen text.


  • Added static background image to hide occasional tearing between background plates.
  • Fixed bug where reindeers stop spawning when you have eight.


Sleigh Dash v1.1 - HTML5 Play in browser
Dec 30, 2020
Sleigh Dash v1.1 - Windows 25 MB
Dec 30, 2020

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